FINALLY......I am facing this #1 issue underlying everything....

by Betty

I just "ended" things with an extremely dysfunctional person. This person, a serious alcoholic, and also a childhood friend, has SO MANY problems, and stormed onto the scene 15 months after my divorce was finalized after a 30-year marriage. The fact that I continually hung in there with this fellow over the last 4 years was very disruptive and caused so much pain, anguish, betrayal and on and on. He recently totaled his 91-year old mother's SECOND car and now that he is sober ( 70+ days), and is a COMPLETELY different person, I decided I MUST step away and work on me. I started reading, reading, reading and stumbled upon some amazing information and inadvertently this website. So.....I'm here, working a 12-step program and really wanting to get this stuff unearthed and confront it.....

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Oct 10, 2012
by: Don

Welcome to recovery Betty! Enjoy this and know that there are many more exciting times ahead! Even when life jumps up and tries to knock you down, you will have this path that you are on. Protect it and value it even though the rough spots.


Oct 04, 2012
More on "Finally..."
by: Betty

Thanks! This information on this site is so amazing! I can't believe how lucky it has been to stumble on it. One friend always remarks I intellectualize everything. Ok maybe I do, but because I do that in order to understand what is behind everything, I am finding I'm getting burning questions answered. The whole subject of neuropathways lends so much understanding to habits, obsessive thinking, compulsions...and addictions. I see this thread of codependency and it goes way way way back. I'm anticipating the arrival of "Thaw" in a day or two and now my work won't be taking a back seat to the negative life-sucking energy of this "friend" but to my friendship to myself. It was so effortless to give up the friend; his importance just vaporized - like "poof" in a cartoon! This is just so exciting I can hardly stand it!

Oct 02, 2012
Life begins
by: Colleen

Goodluck Betty, wise decision to get rid of the friend, and have fun as you continue with your greatest work in you...

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