Feel Alone

by lifesabeach

I feel no one really cares about you, or your pain of what your going through. My adult mentally, drug addict son still lives at home regardless of the numerous times I have asked him to leave. His response, I have no where to go. He lost his job last month due to drug use and now is collecting unemployment and food stamps. He is really driving me crazy being home 24/7.Has no life, no friends and just sits in front of the TV all day,eats my food and walks around the house saying how bored he is.Oh, did I mention he is Bi-polor, ADHD, and has Tourette syndrome?
He does not help out financially, doesn't even buy his own food. I think he uses his food card in trade of drugs. Very defensive when I asked him for his food card and he let me use 30.00 and then hid all the food I bought in his room which was to be shared with family. I also have 3 younger children that have to succumb to his ignorance, violent behavior. He has threatened to kill me and my family numerous times, to commit suicide many times, and in front of the kids. He blames me for his drug use and then tries to act like nothing happened and says sorry. How do you forget when someone says they want to kill you. Even though he is mentally ill, that is his excuse. He will say he did not mean to say that. What do I do. Can I have him committed without police being involved? I want my life back and my children to have their life back. My home is small as well, so its like we cant get away from one another. He brings nothing but negativity to me and my home and I don't know what to do. I hate to put him out on the street , but I may just lose myself If I don't. He does not want help and believe me I have tried for years and done everything for him.

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May 08, 2015
Have you no shame
by: Anonymous

If I knew who you where I would call social services in a second. You are putting your children in danger. You are sacrificing your other children for one. That makes no sense.

May 25, 2014
Tell, not ask..
by: Don Carter


If your son refuses to get help and he is running roughshod over you, threatening you, and so forth then it is time to TELL him to leave...or else.

Or else what? Or else get a restraining order that includes no phone calls and not being within a certain distance of you and the other 3 kids.

I am surprised that child services are not already involved with all the chaos your son is causing - It is abusive to expose children to chaos and repeated threats of violence and suicide.

If you are serious about getting your life back and protecting your other kids, then go to your local law enforcement agency, explain to them what is going on, and ask where to file for a restraining order.

Prior to actually getting the restraining order, only if you are not in danger of violence, you can give him a choice: if he is to live with you he must immediately get set up with the proper treatment supports, recovery groups, and be emotionally stable. He must also seek gainful employment and help with the finances - or else.

The other three children need you teach them how to take charge in a situation like this so they can learn to set and reinforce boundaries in their own lives.

Just my opinion,

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