Father in law destroying my family

by Rachel

I am in complete despair about this situation. My husband and I have been married for almost 3 years and have a one year old baby. I also have two children from a previous relationship. I am 33 and my husband is 25. Yes he is younger than me but he is mature, responsible, and a hard worker. He is a good husband and provider.

But, there is a huge problem. My 50 year old father in law has lived with us the entire time. He is a drug addict and takes advantage of us any way he can. He doesn't have a job, nor has he had one in about 5 years. When he does odd jobs here and there, he uses his money to buy his drugs and never contributes to any household needs. We buy his cigarettes, food, medications, pay all of the bills, everything!!!

I have not seen him really look for a job and he claims he wants to work. But his biggest claim to not working is no vehicle. What are we suppose to provide him with a car? He helps clean when he has his drugs and is in a good mood, when he does the sleeps all day and is the biggest, rudest a-hole I have ever met. He gives us 'advice' on what we need to be doing with our kids, money, home etc. When we let him borrow our vehicles, he stays gone longer than he claims he will be and lies about where he goes. We have kicked him out a few times but he gets to come right back bc my husband enables him bc he feels guilty.

He steals things as well. Thankfully not from us other than our change and sometimes dollar bills out of our wallets, but he is constantly nabbing things from stores and such. This is the worst issue me and my husband fight about. We don't fight about much of anything else. My husband tries to make excuses for this man and yes, he will kick him out but seeing his looks of guilt makes me cave and let this fool come back.

I'm at my wit's end!!! My husband claims this isn't forever, but I just don't know anymore. He has been taking care of this drug addicted loser for five years, three of which we have been together. This is a deal breaker for me. If things don't change soon, as bad as it will hurt, I can't stay. It's coming down to the wire. How can I make him see how much he is being taken advantage of? Truly see!!!

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