Family Feud

by Patty

I have a brother-in-law who has married a woman who has done nothing but constant attempts to destroy his family's well being.. (myself being a target a few times) along with my husband, other brother's and sister's and even parents-(my mother & father-in-law). It has only gotten worse through the years. She now involves Legal authorities- for example calling CPS with false accusations, calling the police on a brother (who had only caught her kissing someone else while drunk)- to get that brother removed she accused him of having illegal drugs, and just recently targeted me again for theft, she even pressed charges- I took it to trial but since she has no problems lying on the stand in court and I could not provide proof of the lies.. I had lost.. she tried to put me in jail along with the felony she gave me.
Is it wrong for me to be bothered, hurt and upset after all of this harm they have caused, that there is still some family members who want to now "stay out of it" and still completely associate themselves with these people? who have hurt almost everyone in the family? Would this be another form of enabling If family and others want to "stay out of it" of what is happening to me and continue to spend quality time with them, while still claiming they don't agree with what has been happening, on a regular basis regardless of all the awful things they have done?
Arranging 2 separate birthday parties for the kids and dinner parties because I am not only supposed to stay away from them by legal advice but we also don't want to be around them, So certain family members are creating separate gatherings- one for us to attend and one for them to attend that we aren't even to know about!?

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