family enabling

by D

There is this 22 year old man that has been enabled by his grandmother for years by her giving him money all of the time for doing nothing or for just feeding the family cats. Also his aunt got him a cell phone when he was in high school. She pays the bills every month. He is considered disabled. The excuse the family gives is they feel sorry for him. He is really mean to his step father and step mother. I think it's because he wants to try to get his parents back together. The step mom has said some things but she apologizes for everything. He won't acknowledge her at all. When she is around him he is horrible to her. She tries to talk to him but he rolls his eyes and acts stupid to her. The grandma and aunt blame this behavior all on her. She thinks alot about her marriage whether it's really worth it for her husband won't stick up for her for he avoids confrontations and he knows if he says anything his son will run crying to grandma or the aunt. Also he is very capable of working but won't because he doesn't want to. He collects SSI and is on food stamps. Any help you can give me to help the step mom would greatly be appreciated

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