Exhausted by 21 y.o daughter's behaviour

by Gilly

I need to vent....
My 21 year old daughter has caused our family one drama after another, since early teens. Her boyfriend who is 55 (absolutely disgusted) rang at 1 am to tell me she is so drunk he cant control her..she was screaming and swearing and tried to attack him with a knife and i was told that the week before she had been
drinking all day and punched him and broke a rib...She comes from a decent family who has given her probably too much, her grandmother spoilt her rotten and still only wants to believe the good...She fell pregnant in may by another man and the b.f knows nothing about it, i helped her thru that at a gr8 toll to myself, as i have been very unwell (complex ptsd). She has been sent to see psych's and several other people over the years and is always "gunna" do something. She gave up a job within 4 days,
does nothing all day, and lies about so many things...The b.f told me she drinks all the time...My mum gives her money, she is cunning enough to get money off several people and i am at my wits end after the phone call..She is always "sorry" after the fact and promises are made, but within a few days things are back to what they were.....I need to look after myself and my son, but in the past my mum has made me feel "guilty" for not killing myself over her, but i am done. Isnt it time she takes responsibility for herself?

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Sep 27, 2011
unbelievable control
by: Anonymous

This young girl, and i do mean "young" needs to grow up and take responsibility for her own actions. the only solution i can think of is for you to set tough love rules, don't give in to her, and tell her it is the end of her actions coming back to you.

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