enabling sibling

by sandy
(new mexico)

I have a very helpful enabler sister. She has moved in with me again because I am in crutches after an injury. Already she has abandoned herself and her home and life and she is "living" in mine. Is it possible to share my home in a healthy way. I start to feel resentful, "weakened, miss my privacy, normal routine etc."

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Dec 04, 2015
enabling, caring??????
by: girlinredjacket

Funny, you resent her for helping you. We are only able to change ourselves. Obviously she cares, the why she has this need to invade is her issue.
We need to be honest with the people that care about us Most importantly, we must be grateful.
Not everyone has somebody that would give them any type of attention when ill or otherwise.
The problem is you never set boundaries. You might even give her the impression, that your not able.
Take a look at how you communicate with her and perhaps you'll be able to allow her to see that you are confident and mature in doing A, b, and c.
That you are grateful for her willingness to help you in the areas, that you need.
There is a wide range of reasons why a person becomes an enabler.

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