enabling my daughter

by denise

When my daughter called me today she had an intake counselor on the phone. I felt he was trying to guilt me into paying 300 a day for treatment because chrissy water help. I was taken aback about her having problems with vicadin. I know she has been taking them once a day due to physical pain. But then she also revealed she used them to help cope with daily problems. I feel guilty that ive done too much for her.

although she has got her Ba in psychology and wanted to help her financially until she could get a job. All the jobs have not worked out. They never provide enough hours. Her boyfriend works but is also a marijuana addict. She says she wants to get better but still asked me to help her today because she couldn't do for herself. I felt sorry for her because she was feeling so guilty about asking for help. She says she doesn't want to ask for help and doesn't want to end up like her boyfriends mother who's very dependent.

To top it off her boyfriends father is in ICU and boyfriends mother and brother is laying guilt trip on her for not enabling the mother by going way out of her way to help her take Bart to the hospital. Chrissy felt good telling he no, but now is very depressed about her dependence on me and her boyfriend. This episode today made me realize that I must seek help for myself to stop the enabling. Is it wrong for me to pay for counseling for her?

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