Enable Patient's behaviour

by Lawrence
(Toronto , Canada )

I am preparing medical exams and I need a clear explanation of "Enable patient's behaviour "

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Dec 18, 2012
Context & Judgement
by: Don


Enabling in itself it typically a good thing and comes from our instinct to love and nurture others. When someone we love feels down we want to cheer them up, support them, help them, etc. and from time to time that's a good thing.

Taken to the extreme it is a negative, and even harmful thing as in bailing them out, trying to "fix" them, care-taking, defending, giving them another chance (and another, and another), telling them what they want to hear when it's not what they need to hear, and anything else that amounts to doing for them what they should be able to do for themselves.

Negative enabling is harmful because it interferes with natural learning, accountability, and the sense of empowerment that comes with taking responsibility for oneself or their condition. This removal of natural consequences keeps them stuck because with the consequences

In short, you can enable someone in a genuinely helpful way...and you can enable someone in an unhelpful and even harmful way. It depends on the context and your good judgement.

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