Drop out child with child, pregnant, no job, living on our dime

by Id

My daughter, who is 20, has a 15 month old daughter. She ran away from home multiple times, and finally showed up, pregnant, with her (then) boyfriend. Because she'd lived with us before, we knew about her issues with anger, violence, and stealing; and decided she could live at our vacant home. Since then her then boyfriend has been issued a restraining order, and is allowed supervised visitation. Her cousin that lived with her (along with her three kids) has moved out because they couldn't get along, and her most recent boyfriend has just moved out - meanwhile - fabulous! She doesn't have a high school diploma, GED, diploma, or experience working anywhere but mcD's, and as a coat check girl. I pay her utilities and rent. It's been - oh, rounding out at + $18,000 so far. So. She's pregnant (by ex-boyfriend number two), and "thinks" she can take care of her kid(s), pay bills, have a job, etc. great! Except we don't believe that a single untrained woman can do all that, and pay her bills. We really can't continue this. Suggestions? Please don't include god, prayer, or anything that might make me feel better but won't actually address the situation. Also, suggestions for counseling. No. If I wanted that I'd write ask Amy. So. Go! How do I get my kid, her kid(s) off my back and on their own?

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