destructive behavior

by Scared

I have a step son his mother left when he was nine. He took it very hard and would become physical with his father, his father went into depression and the son then spent a lot of time with his grandmother who gives him everything. If he wants take out food every meal of the day, he gets it. If he's want a motorcycle he gets it.

He do not care about things. His father purchased a new snowmobile for him, he beats it up a little at a time, he burned up the motor 2x and says its not his fault. He is 14 now.

This weekend he used his fathers snowmobile, he burned up the motor and it seems like it was done on purpose. The heat light was on, but he continued to drive it, he knew it was supposed to be shut down if the temp got high, but he didn't care and when approached he says well you should of bought me that 800, that way I would not have to use yours, so now we both regret not buying it.

It's very weird, he beats up everything he owns, the snowmobile was 15,000.00 but he thinks his father has lots of money and can afford to have his snowmobile fixed whenever, which is also so odd, we both just work job, good jobs, but we can't afford to blow up a motor and replace it every month.

I just don't understand, I'm new in this relationship, well three years, his father shows much love towards him, hugs him, tell him he loves him, etc. His mother don't live in same community, he spends about 4 weeks each year with her.

I just need to try and find out what's wrong with him. He is a nice conversationalist, he is charming, but he won't do anything in school, he doesn't respect things and he thinks he deserves whatever he desires.

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