I have learned that when I am in denial, I cannot see that I am. I attend Codependents Anonymous, where I share and listen to others.

Sometimes my denial begins to fade some and I can see things that were in front of me all the time. I am often stunned when I can see something from a different perspective.

I have learned that denial is a protective mechanism such that the brain protects me from information so powerful that I fear I might go off the deep end never to return.

As I am learning more about who is trustworthy and who is not, I find people who will listen, not judge, and only offer advice if I ask for it. Thank God for them!

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Nov 06, 2009
Thanks David...
by: Don Carter

Glad to hear recovery is alive and well down there in Georgia -- Welcome to the Forums! Thanks also for your contribution -- Denial is a great topic for discussion.

I once read an analogy about denial in "the Language of Letting Go" by Melody Beattie...

"If a person is wrapped in a blanket in a very cold room and you try to pull that blanket off of them, they hold on tighter and tighter... The way to get them to take off the blanket is to turn up the heat enough to make it warm and cozy in the room."


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