Daughter,45,loves her husband, who is frightened, angry husband father, needs help, refuses.

by Diane
(Sun City Az)

72, married twice, total of both about 6-7 ys. so single Mom both children from first M. Both happily m. I'm writing about the youngest.
Her husband was terribly abused by a wacko mother.His Father rescued him at 5. Then he had a wacko Step mom.

Obviously he has issues. He refuses to get help.
A friend told me I was crazy, so I did get help. You'd have to ask my girls how I was as a mother, To me they were my world.

My daughters her husband, and more importantly my young grandkids are living with a" Dr. Jekyl Mr. Hyde personality", as a father. They both struggle to learn.

I was separated from the family a long time ago. EXCEPT I am free child care, which I consider a wonderful thing!

I love to see my grandkids. I also love him. It is his behavior that has to stop! My daughter has to stop enabling him to bully and verbally abuse. She wouldn't take this from anyone else I'll tell ya...

Can you think of a way to to help them?

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Dec 08, 2016
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately, we have to help ourselves.
All we can do is soppport them, most of all love them

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