Daughter Dilemma

by Rita
(Chicago, IL )

I am a mother of daughter who from the time she was 8 or 9 has been violent, Bi-Polar (diagnosed at 12), alcoholic and drug addict. In addition OCD and ADHD.

I feel that I have done all that I could...at 17 I made her live with her Father, I could no longer handle the verbal abuse, the nights of not coming home, fear of her in general. Locking up alcohol, jewelry..manipulated and "guilted" into many things. The IEP's, the constant struggles just to get her through another day.

Now at 21, she is in a state mental health hospital, until she can get into a drug rehab again. I would like to visit her, but I am concerned that out of Mother's guilt, I will once again fall prey to her manipulation - I want to see her, but I can't fall trap all that again...ugh...just don't know what to do...


A Mom - who cared so much, she can't care anymore..if that makes sense.

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