Dating yourself. Codependent love

by Sara

I've been "dating" this guy for months. I put it in quotes because he wasn't available at the beginning but I pushed and kept coming around and it was as you could expect... Great when we were together, horrible when we were apart.

We both tried to break it off multiple times and kept getting pulled back in by the other. Each time to increasingly horrible results. Either I would start crying because I'd become so angry and frustrated by his behavior. Or he would mad and stop talking.

We took about a month of no talking and again started hanging out. It was sort of ok at first, but now it's back to the same old cycle. Im trying to set boundaries for myself which seems to make him even more angry and silent. The silent treatment makes me nuts and I end up having a whole conversation about it by myself by texting him.

I know that is not healthy behavior and I'm working on addressing it. Basically. It sucks because I really care about him and obviously he cares about me but we can't treat each other well because we're both so resentful of having to deal with the codependent behaviors.

At this point we have blocked each other on our phones and aren't talking. All this was decided via text. Gross. We're both almost 40!

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