Create Your Own Custom Audio!

Choose and refine your own Custom Audio affirmations, visualizations, self-hypnotic auto-suggestions, imagery scenes and/or sensory details. Then select your preferred background music, brainwave rhythms, sounds, and sound effects, if any -- We will do the rest!

Audio Affirmation, Visualization, Self-Hypnosis, & Guided Imagery Programs to Fit Your Own Style and Goals

You can even record your own content (affirmations, Imagery, or auto-suggestions) in your own voice and I will add it to your other selected elements to produce a program just for your style, tastes, and goals.

Before we begin you may want to review a few things on this site, such as Programming Your Subconscious Mind. Here you will find many useful tips for how to create and use your new Audio Program.

Believing in the power of your subconscious mind and knowing how it works can help immensely -- The fact is that over 95% of what we do every day is programmed into our subconscious mind.

To learn more about the amazing programming abilites of the subconscious mind go to this page on subconscious perception. Our goal with a customized audio program is to gain access to these subconscious programs in the most effective ways -- using the language of the subconscious mind -- in order to "reprogram" bad habits, limiting beliefs, and negative thinking.

We also know that the brain learns and encodes information through the processes of Intensity and Repetition. Creating personalized audio's increases the intensity and listening to them regularly provides the repetition.

Now, if you are ready to begin just follow the steps below to select the elements you'd like to have in your personalized audio program.

Step One: Select Your Content

To begin the process, you need to choose a goal or outcome that you want. It may be tempting to state here what you DON'T WANT anymore such as "I don't want to be passive anymore" or "I don't want to be taken advantage of anymore.". But remember to focus on what you DO WANT, such as, "I want to be assertive", or "I want to speak up for myself" or "I want to set good boundaries".

If you have never used these tools before, it is important to start out with a managable, realistic goal such as those above. It is critical that you build confidence and believe in the process in order for it to work -- If you choose a goal that is too big, such as, "I want to be a non-smoker", it will be more complex and will need to be broken down into smaller steps. So, until you become aquainted with the technology, it is best to choose a specific behavior such as those above.

Once you have identified your goal, the next task is to choose your affirmations or auto-suggestions. What is the difference between an affirmation and an auto-sugestion?

  • Affirmation: An affirmation is a statement, or set of statements, that explains what you want in language the subconscious mind can understand. Affirmations usually come from some outside source such as a psychotherapist, a hypnotherapist, or, as in this case, a recording.
  • Auto-Suggestion: An auto-suggestion is the same thing as an affirmation except that it is something you say to yourself, in your mind, without the use of recordings or other outside sources. Auto-Suggestions can be used WITH a recording by allowing the recording to help you drift into a relaxed state and then beginning to repeat your auto-sugestions to yourself in your thoughts.

It helps to find affirmations & auto-suggestions you really like and then refine them to fit you as precisely as possible. This will increase the intensity of your desire which is critical.

Once you have selected your affirmations or auto-suggestions the next task is to create an effective visualization of you having already achieved your goal. It is important to "act as if" you actually are now living with your goal already achieved; that you SEE yourself having it, HEAR everything that goes with having it, and FEEL the good feelings of already having it in this visualization. By doing this correctly you are giving your subconscious mind a "model" or "template" to use to create what you want.

Step Two: Record Your Content

Now that you have prepared you goal and content, it's time to record. If you do not already have a digital recording program on your computer never fear -- Audacity is here! Audacity is a FREE digital recording program available for download on the internet.

(Download Audacity 1.2.6 as this is the main version. The other version (1.3.12) is a beta version which means it's still under development, so it may still have flaws that need to be worked out.)

Now that you have downloaded your recording studio, all you need are speakers and a microphone - a USB headset like the one pictured below is best.

Ready to record? (Don't worry if you'd rather not record it yourself -- just send me the affirmations & visualizations you've selected and I'll record the whole thing for you). But if you are an adventuresome type or somewhat of a "teckkie", I have prepared the following basic instructions for how to download and use Audacity:

When you have completed your recording and the other steps below, you can send me the custom audio file and I will blend it in with the other selections you make below. I can then send you a download of your new custom audio(s) or ship them to you on CD in MP3 format so you can listen on your walkman or other CD player or rip it to your computer so you can put it on your Phone or other MP3 player.

Sending large custom audio files over email is not realistic (or even fun). The link above is a drop box I use to accept large files from my visitors and clients. The drop box is a place you can upload your file to a place where I can "pick it up" by downloading it to my computer. I use the same service to send your completed custom audio project to you if that is a download is your selected choice of delivery.

Step Three: Select Your Background Elements

Almost done, and here is another fun part -- all you need to do in this step is explore various combinations of the following elements to "see" or "feel" which one's sound the best together according to your own preferences and goals. You may want to choose one of each element or only one or two elements -- some people choose none of these at all and stay strictly with the vocal elements alone.

And... if you decide later that you want to add or drop one of these elements you can just let me know and I will do one custom audio upgrade at no extra charge. (After one upgrade, any further changes will carry a nominal upgrade fee.)

Note: To explore various combinations, just play one element from each player simulaneously to get a feel for how they sound together. Remember to adjust the volumes to just the right levels and then write down which element you want louder (foreground) and which ones you'd prefer softer (background).

One More Note: Every audio on this site can be "re-mixed" to create a custom audio according to your preferences, tastes, and goals. If you'd like to customize any programs, such as those available through the Serenity Cafe', by changing, adding, or deleting various elements, just contact me to discuss it and/or place an order.

Select Background Music

When making custom audio programs, if you are going to use vocals, then a general production rule is that "dialog is king". Any of the elements here will play softly in the background, so as not to step on the vocals. Choose no more than one music background, unless you'd like one to play the first part of your creation and another one to follow. If you choose more than one, make a note to let me know which one plays first and for how long.

Note: Samples are not for sale separately; they must be blended with other elements.

Select Brainwave Rhythms

Brainwave rhythms are tones or beats that play noticably in the background. The basic priciple is based upon synchronicity -- the brain will synchronize with the rhythms in its environment. Brainwave rhythms start out at a steady pace allowing the brain's electrical activity to synchronize with it, and then starts gradually slowing down, in this way guiding the brain into a relaxed state (almost like leading a 3,000 lb. horse to water!). Your custom audio rhythyms combine with other elements to produce a profound level of absorbed, inward attention and relaxation.

Click here to learn more about Brainwave Rythyms. While you are there, listen to some of the programs with various rhythms in the background. There are no hard and fast rules because people defy the odds; however, alpha rhythms are usually best for auto-suggestions while theta rhythms are usually best for recorded affirmations. Generally speaking, visualizations are useful in any brainwave state. Guided imagery and self-hypnosis are best when in the deeply receptive theta state.

Note: Samples are not for sale separately; they must be blended with other elements.

Select Background Sounds

The sounds below are primarily nature sounds -- and that's for good reason. Again, generally speaking, there are no other sounds quite as relaxing as the sounds of nature. Also, most of us have experienced our most relaxed state when surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. Sounds of the rollercoaster or a busy city street, might not help much when going for a deeply relaxed and receptive state!

If the sounds you are looking for or not here, chance are that I have them or can get them for you. So just let me know and I will do my best to get them for you. Many times it is just as easy NOT to include sounds at all. just allow your imagination to add them for you as part of your vivid imagery or visualization.

Note: Custom audio background sounds can be overlapped so you can choose any mix your would like. Let me know what place you want them to start and stop or I'll just use my own judgement.

Select Custom Audio Sound Effects

Sound effects, whether its reverb, or echo, or panning, (or no effects at all) can make a big difference when we are trying to create an intense experience. We are all different with diverse preserences. Listen to a few examples below to see what I mean -- and remember that intensity and repetition are paramount. Just make a note of various effects you like and let me know. I will take it from there. (the tracks below include an alpha brainwave element and a music background to give you a better idea of how it will sound all together.

Production Fees and Contact Information:

Custom Audio Service: $125.00 USD

Just click here to fill out this ORDER FORM -- then send it to me by email and I will get back in touch with you by phone or email to arrange your free 20 minute consultation by phone, chat, or email. We will discuss your plan and I will make recommendations.

If the issues you face are complex, you may need more assistance than just a few audio programs. If you feel you do need more than three 30-minute sessions, you may want to consider making an appointment to discuss our Life Coaching services.

If you think custom audio might be an option for you, but would like to check it out further please don't hesitate to contact me to arrange a free 20 minute telephone or chat session to discuss the possibilities and your goals. You may also email me and I will do my best to respond within 24 to 36 hours. Or call Don Carter at (573) 634-2254 to arrange your appointment.

  • Terms: All Custom Audio fees are payable upon delivery of your project
  • Forms of Payment: PayPal, Major Credit/Debit Cards through PayPal, or cashiers check/money order through postal mail.
  • Email or call Don Carter (573) 634-2254 for questions, to make payment arrangements, or to set-up an appointment.

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