Controlling Grandmother raising 22 year old stepson who is anti social and a habitual liar

How do you handle a controlling mother in law who is raising your husbands 22 year old son? My husband doesn't lay down any rules and just tells his mother to handle it.....after all, he says, you raised him. The step son is anti social, plays Warcraft every chance he gets, just recently got his second job (was fired from his first job) and is a habitual liar. He causes drama and pits me, my husband and his grandmother against each other. They, however, don't see it. Whenever he wants something from his Dad, he tells Grandmother to ask his Dad. Or whenever he doesn't want something to happen, he creates a lie so it won't happen. He has an excuse for everything and nothing is ever his fault. And when he does get caught in a lie, Grandma and Dad don!t confront him. He is so unlike his Dad. My stepson is nerdy, doesn't know what to do with a screwdriver and if you touch him too hard he might just fall over. I myself and just about everyone that meets him thinks he is gay. Which, by the way, is fine with me. However, his Grandfather and Dad are extremely prejudice and would have a real problem if they found out that he was.......and the kid knows this. How would you diagnose this kid and is there any help for him?

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Oct 24, 2015
Handling Difficult People
by: Don Carter

Sorry, I would not try to diagnose anyone without a full evaluation. As far as handling difficult people, here is a page with free programs for dealing with difficult people.

Free Audio programs

Try the one entitle Verbal Self Defense to learn how to protect yourself in conflicts with most difficult people.

Here is another free resource from to learn healthy, assertive communication (This one is a free software product that works only on Windows PC's):

Assertiveness Toolbox

Hope these help,

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