by thaskeen

i strongly believe in subconscious and its powers but i am unable to release its potential or rear its benefit.whenever i try to program my subconscious i am totally confused what to ask it as i have so many issues my weight,body,memory,bad luck,job,finance,dream job,etc.i myself dont understand what i want.the only thing i know is that i want to be happy & be able to take care of my mom.i cant relax my body,nor control my mind,nor is my imagining power any good than worst.i cant imagine!!! horrible state.plz help me out!!!!

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Aug 17, 2013
by: Don Carter

Hi Thaskeen,

First of all it is no wonder you are confused because you have so many issues/problems on your list! I am sorry to hear about all this going on.

Mental "programming" is done with intensity & repetition. You should only take on one issue at a time and be ready to spend 3-4 weeks applying the skills to each issue. (This means you need to acquire and develop the skills.)

It is not magic, but when you learn how to do it properly mental programming is powerful because it is using the natural ways that the brain works.

I am preparing to write several more pages on these skills soon. In the meantime, you can start by reading these pages carfully:

Intensity & Repetition

Learn why it is not good to force things

What to Dwell Upon (This page discusses a very powerful passage from the Bible about how to get your thoughts right and what happens when you don't)

Take a VERY close look at each of these

Good Luck!

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