Can you be addicted to depression itself?

I have been depressed all my life, it is my comfort blanket, I identify with so much that is written on this site and as I cant identify with any other addictive behavior wanted to know if depression is addictive?

also how does this all fit with boarderline personality disorder as much on here seems to link with its "criteria"?

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Nov 12, 2012
I say yes
by: Anonymous

Addiction has to do with chemicals in the brain. Because our thoughts create these chemicals, I believe it is possible to become addicted. That is my experience anyway.

Oct 28, 2010
Depression is a symptom not an addiction
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

I believe that Depression is usually a major symptom of addiction,rather then an addiction in itself.It is the minds way of getting your attention.uncomfortable feelings of grief and toxic shame are released from the unconscious to the conscious mind,urging you to deal with unresolved trauma from childhood and adolescence.Denial inside your mind will assure you that there's "nothing to see here", "everything is just fine" or denial in other people will say "pull yourself together' and "your just wallowing".

It maybe possible to be depressed without manifesting an addiction. Though this would be a very painful state of being to live with,which is probably why people get addicted to prozac and other anti depressants.I don`t believe you can get addicted to depression, only that you can get stuck in it,until it becomes 'normal".

If depressive and negative states are all you've ever known,it will take courage and hard work through therapy e.t.c to change your pathology.You've taken the first steps toward a new freedom.Good luck and remember,when dealing with depression try and stay positive,let the tears flow and surround yourself with a good support system, such as a counselor or twelve step may feel worse for a time,but it passes.I have a couple of mantras that I use,'you can`t have rainbows without the rain' and 'Misery is optional, but pain is inevitable. God bless, Coamhin

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