Breaking loose

by Girlinredjacket

I have read most of the posts an studied a large amount of the information that is most gracefully given by Don an Angie. This site has given me great insight. I always tried to comment, it helped me feel involved.

I have changed, I no longer allow people to take advantage of me, I thought it was only men that took me for a chump. I found out women can be just as bad an I realized I was drawn to this type of person or perhaps these type were drawn toward me because I was agreeable an easy going.

I stopped telling people about me an I began to observe the theatrical behaviors people used to get what they wanted from me.

Finally, I deleted one by one all the people in my life.! Believe me it is for my best interests. I don t feel used, abandoned or played for a fool any more. I have learn to use my voice assertively, when I think I am be disrespected, I have learned not to cave under any pressure. These are the things I needed to learn many years ago.

The flip side is I am so lonely. I do have some concern, if I have the discernment to assess a persons motives. I feel as I have climbed the highest mountain, only to find nobody was on top waiting for me. I am sad. Yet I do not want to go back to that role.

Thank you for your contribution to people like myself, I am forever grateful. The information enhanced my self help toolbox.

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