BF and his kids

I really love my bf but I am getting to a breaking point, I pay for the rent and for food, my bf eldest son lives with us and the youngest we get every weekend. The eldest has a part time job but does not contiribute a cent, he does not shower or brush his teeth or change his clothes, he is a "gamer" and is studying IT, I asked my bf if he could ask the eldest to do the dishes on a Saterday and a Sunday so that I can have a rest on weekends as I run a business from home and also do all the house work and cooking. He agreeded to do the dishes but then forgets to do them, I then end up doing it and having my bf getting angry at me for doing it.
His friends come and stay over and I end up having to clean up after everybody, they stay awake the whole night playing games. The youngest one has no respect for anybody and when he is rude then it is said that he is only joking. He is always in trouble in school for being rude and disrespectful and is also failing. My bf has said that he can have the playstation back when his grades inmprove, but lo and behold my bf still lets him play games from morning to night. When I told my bf that I am not going to do the eldest washing anymore as he cant be bothered to do the dishes on weekends, I was told that is was not fair on him and when must he do his washing as he is studing and working part time - from home.

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