Behavioural bosanova

I've had panic attacks since I was 14 and am 49 now. I've been through twenty years of therapy with some great results. But I haven't directly dealt with the panic attacks. The interesting thing is that I used to
pooh pooh behavioural therapies, believing that they just scratched the surface of the problem: treating the symptoms and not the disease. I have done a lot of groundwork -trying to cure the disease, and a lot of the symptoms have disappeared. But not all, as I say. I am still in the behavioural pattern of awfulizing scary situations. Social anxiety is my big bugaboo. I am a new boss, at both my jobs and the behaviours required for those positions run smack into my self defeating, low self esteem based behaviours. I have the opportunity to learn the principles of CBT-Cognitive Behavioural Therapy- and I plan on using them to help with the residual symptoms of my dis-ease. Started last night. Wish me luck!

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