At the ripe old age of 62 I still have a slight fear of being left.

by Martha M Babb
(Middleburg, FL 32068)

After many years of talking with people, not all professionals, I still have what I call a fear of being left. I know now this came from a very early time in my life. I was very sickly as a baby. Mom and Daddy had put me in the hospital.(back in the day Moms didn't stay with their children 24/7.) When you were well you got to come home. I was so little the hospital had put diapers on me. I was potty trained. Well, Mom and Daddy came to the hospital to bring panties for me, and I saw them. But they weren't there to take me home. They left again. Eventually, I got well and was taken home. This fear gave me trouble every year starting school. I was home schooled for the 4 & 5 grades it got so bad. I can imagine what my parents were going through. I couldn't tell them what was wrong, I didn't know myself. As I got a little older the fear subsided somewhat. It was always there, ready to pounce. I have managed to get this old and can finally understand what caused it. I never had any children and my wonderful husband of 25 years passed away 4 years ago. I have handled this. And yes, I have asked for continued help and guidance from above.

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