As A Child

by Janet

I am beginning to dissect the pain and abandonment of my childhood. I was only 11 when my mother, father and 10yr old sister were killed instantly in a car accident. While I still had 3 older siblings, I can only remember my life after that to be "so alone". An aunt & uncle who cared for us did not provide 2 of the 3 nurturing needs of such a young child. This website is wonderful, as it explains alot of the feelings I have now, and the co-dependancy patterns I have developed because of my childhood losses. Facing my Inner Child, and nurturing her brings comfort to me. I am attending Coda classes, and have found much solace there as well. I realize that only I can change ME. Peace, Love and Harmony to all the wounded who are walking a similar journey.

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Jan 21, 2012
by: Don

Hi Janet,

Welcome to the forums and thanks for checking in. sounds like you have a great recovery underway! I have heard that recovery is alive and well in Fla. Is that right? Lots of good meetings?


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