Meet Angie Carter CRADC, SAP

Angie Carter is a Certified Reciprocal Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CRADC). She has been serving Jefferson City, MO and Holts Summit, MO since the 1990s. She is also certified by the United States Department of Transportation as a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).

Professional Experience

Angie Carter has been a certified substance abuse counselor since the mid 1990s. She began her career working in an adolescent inpatient treatment facility. Following that experience Angie and her husband opened a non-profit recovery center in Jefferson City Missouri. Angie was the director of services and supervised the volunteer staff. Angie provided recovery supports to individuals and families seeking help from the devastating impact of active addiction and alcoholism. In 2006 She went into private practice with Her husband at Carter Counseling and Consulting Services where they continue serving clients today. Angie's primary specialty areas include addictions, codependency, and Adult/Child Syndrome. Angie has extensive counseling experience for...

Angie Carter, CRADC, SAP
  • Alcoholism & Other Addictions
  • Codependency & Adult/Child Syndrome
  • Family Coaching: Education on Detachment, Boundary Setting & Communication
  • Adolescent addictions
  • Interventionist: Intervention Education, Rehearsal, and Facilitation
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Recovery Coach

In addition to being a Department of Transportation Certified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), Angie has taught Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program (SATOP) classes for DUI/DWI offenders in Missouri. She served as Director for Crossroads Community Recovery Center and as a staff counselor at an adolescent treatment center.

Professional Credentials

  • Certified Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Qualified Substance Abuse Professional
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Personal Experience

My name is Angie Carter. My background includes a family history of alcoholism and addictions. I eventually wound up on the same path with a downward spiral due to this illness.

Finally in 1999 I began my recovery from alcoholism/addiction and my life turned around completely. Amazing things have happened for me along the way, one of those being the opportunity to help others as a substance abuse counselor. I believed God has blessed with a specific skill set to reach the alcoholic/addicts in order to help them and their families.

I have a tremendous respect and passion for recovery as it literally saved my life when all other attempts at various methods failed. I have first hand knowledge of the disappointment of relapse. I went to my first treatment center in 1998 but refused to follow up with any aftercare or a recovery support program. I re-entered treatment in 1999 and decided to follow directions and suggestions. I have been sober ever since.

I am eternally grateful that I have been given this gift to live a clean and sober life and the opportunity to help others also achieve the freedom and peace that comes from it.

Meet My Partner

Don Carter, MSW, LCSW

This is my husband, Don Carter. He's also a counselor. Don and I have been married since 1999. Don is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He has been a therapist since 1988.

We love being able to work together and pursue our own dreams while helping others to do the same. Don likes football (except when the Bronco's beat the Chiefs), traveling, and all four seasons of the year.

Don Carter, MSW, LCSW

In Office Therapy Services

counseling office
    By appointment only

  • Length: Variable & According to Individual Needs (30/60/90 minutes)

  • Fees: $65/per hour, all fees payable at the time-of-service

  • Office hours: Daytime/Evening/Weekend hours available.

  • Forms of payment: Cash, Check, Major Credit/Debit Cards. All payments are due at the time of service.

  • Contact Don or Angie Carter or call (573) 634-2254 (Don) or (573) 634-2253 (Angie) for an appointment.

Online Coaching Services:

  • Free 20-30 minute telephone consultation with Don or Angie to see if online coaching is right for you. NOTE: Our Coaching Services are focused on goals associated with working through the books and programs also found here on

  • How does it work?

    We ask that you contact us by telephone or email. We will draw from many options, services, and resources to create a plan that fits your individual needs and budget. Don and Angie will provide Audios, Videos, and other Therapeutic activities in between sessions. We may use any combination of the following resources. Therapy activities, reminders, and notifications will be sent directly to your smartphone. All activities will fit with your individualized needs and goals:

    • Our HIPAA compliant mobile app for iPhone and Android. In addiction to sending videos, audios, and other assignments, the app also has a direct chat line to Don and Angie (Whoever is your Counselor or Coach.)
    • Online Video Conferencing (also HIPPA-Compliant)
    • Online "Work on your own" Programs and courses with multimedia tools
    • Email sessions to compliment other tools
    • Journaling program and assignments
    • Video and Audio tools
    • Do you live far away, but want to do in-office sessions? Contact Angie or Don to arrange 3-day or 5-day in-office marathon sessions. (6 hours a day of Face-to-Face Sessions, with breaks in between.)
    • Contact Us for more information and/or to arrange a free telephone consultation to discuss possibilities.

  • Availability: Monday through Friday Central Time Zone, Daytime/Evening/Weekend hours available.

  • Forms of payment: PayPal Major Credit/Debit Cards ~ All payments are due at the time of service.

  • Email Don Carter or Call (573) 634-2254 (Don) or (573) 634-2253 (Angie) to arrange a free initial telephone consultation.

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