Am I my own enabler?

I am seriously overweight and it's getting worse. Sometimes I think that I am slowly committing suicide, so I just eat more. I know that I would never actually commit suicide, but somehow overeating is acceptable.

No one helps me overeat, so am I my own enabler?

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Dec 24, 2010
Thanks Don
by: Anonymous

Hi Don,
I read what you wrote and in my heart of hearts I know I am a food addict, it just so hard to truly admit that in practical terms. By that I mean identifying the trigger foods, as they are many. If it was just say chocolate, that would be simpler. BUT, it so many things, different things at different times, for different moods. I have looked into OA, and may try that again, it just felt so consuming the last time. Maybe I need a face to face meeting, I don't know?
Anyway, searching is at least the beginning, so I just need to take the next step.

Dec 24, 2010
In a way, you can enable yourself...
by: Don

However, I don't think looking at your issue with food from the perspective of an enabler is the best way to go. It sounds like you have a serious eating addiction or disorder.

When we have an addiction then we make excuses for our out of control behavior which indeed enables us to continue our use of the addictive object or behavior. Eating too much is an out of control behavior, but since you are ingesting a substance through this behavior it is the substance that is the primary focus.

Even so, in order to get into recovery from addiction we have to be able to abstain from the behavior of ingesting the addictive substance. Does this mean you have to abstain from eating all together? No, of course not.

It does mean that one must identify the foods that they use addictive and abstain from those "trigger" foods -- (I wonder why it's never anything like beets or broccoli). The trigger foods will "trigger" the addictive cycle which is another round of out-of-control eating/binging or what ever term you would like to use for it.

In short, food addiction is not much different than any other addictive process. When it gets out-of-control we become powerless to stop on our own. We need help. Step One of addiction recovery programs say we are powerless over the object(s) of our addiction and that powerlessness makes our life unmanageable.

Here is a link to lots of information on the official Overeater's Anonymous Website: (just copy and paste it to your browser address bar)

And you are always welcome here in these forums because many of us know what you are dealing with and I am sure you will get some good input from others in recovery.

I hope this helps you get pointed in the right direction.

Don Carter

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