Am I an enabler?

by Susan
(Banning ,Ca. 92220)

My son who is 27 moved in with me and my boyfriend. When he was little I had lost custody of him and his sister. When they became of age we got our mother child relationship back.

He has lived with me before but eventually moved out only to move in again after his Nana passed and I was given the house. Anyways he's a good man , very handsome,respectful, loving,and caring person.

He smokes pot, but that's not the problem.
He has had jobs, and somehow seems to lose them .
When he moved back I told him he would have to pitch in for bills. At the time my mortgage payment was only $90 but now is $400. I have no income myself ,I depend on my boyfriend for financial support, which he doesn't make much.

Anyways my son has problems paying, I know he has no job, but when he did he barely gave Me anything. Always excuses.

And now he moved his girlfriend in and asked me after if it was OK. What could I say. I told him that since there was 2 of them I wanted $300 a month,which is nothing! She works and makes good money.

But yet he doesn't want her to pay his half since she already takes care of him. Yet I have problems getting the $150 from her. He and she just got back from Vegas, and they go out like every night. I'm 3 months behind in mortgage payments now because of all the other bills.

I don't know what to do? I can't kick him to the street. I even signed him up for unemployment, I probably still won't Get rent! I asked her about it and he got mad. They both avoid me,even though its a very small house.

My boyfriend feel Like he's being used.
Help please???!!

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