all alone

by penny-lee

it started when my parents died, it was my tenth birthday and i had gotten into trouble at school the day before, so my parents cancelled it. i snuck out of my room because my friend wanted me too sleep over for my birthday. while at her house i had a great time, when i got home the next day no one was there. i went to the next door neighbour and they took me to the police station, my parents had gone out to find me my dad was driving and swerved not to hit a dog he ran the car down a hill and into a tree.

since then i have never been able to celebrate my birthday

i went into foster care and my social worker quickly got me adopted, the women was ok. but the man had a violent childhood, he believed in what he called 'the proper punishment for a child'. the first night i stayed was nice, but as time went on i got more rowdy. i snuck out (again) when i got back he beat me. i had broken ribs, he told his wife i fell down the stairs. he found it fun after a while and it became a daily thing.

when i was 15 and became a woman, hormones, curves the whole shabang. he came into my room one night and told me he wanted to play a game, that he got to do what ever he wanted to me and i had to try to stay quiet. he rapped me, every second night he would come in and rape me, i developed a strong hate for men quickly.

at the age of seventeen i meet a girl called Cassie, she is great an amazing girl. and one night i was allowed to sleep over at her house, i didnt know she was a gay woman. i had a great night um.... she was nice sweet and gentle always making sure i was okay with things. the next day she found the bruises on my back, and begged me to tell her what happened. she told her parents and promised to get me out, when going home her father had rang and had a go at them. his wife left him and he somehow found a whip.

i now have three permanent scares along my back, a daughter to that man, he is in jail and an amazing girlfriend.

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