by Gia
(Kamloops BC Canada)

I struggle with giving it up entirely and trying to learn to moderate.I know just after writing that ,I am fooling myself. Moderation and drinking and me will just never be, I have proven that to myself,time and time again. So the big thing for me is stopping again and staying stopped.

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Jan 11, 2011
Moderation is STILL drinking
by: Mr Recovery

I can only speak from personal experience.

The farther you get away from the problem, the more clear it will become. You have to get away to save yourself. Ultimately you can only be responsible for yourself. If you have to break all ties with the people sharing in this problem, then, that is what you must do.

Get as much counseling as you can afford. AA is practically free. I found myself going to AA meetings more than once a day. In the U.S. The National Council on Alcoholism is an excellent resource. You will find sane people to help you see what is going on with your life and try to help you see what you need to do to find recovery.

The farther you GET AWAY from the problem, the more clear it will become. Don't fool yourself that you can drink in moderation. That is not at all what you need to do and you say that you know it. Don't even worry about ever drinking again. That is not the problem. Just worry about not drinking each day.

The farther you get away from drinking, the more clear your thinking will become. If you are worried about losing your drinking buddies, well, that is just what they are, drinking buddies. And you are not going to be drinking any more.
God bless.

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