Abandonment Issues Profile

Did you grow up in a less-than-nurturing family? If you said yes to this question then, depending on how dysfunctional your family was, you like still carry the wounds from that period of your life and those wounds are likely to be interfering with your relationships and goals for this period of your life.  Get your free Abandonment Issues Profile interpreted by Don Carter MSW, LCSW and/or Angie Carter, CADAC.

Discover the type of wounds that occurred in your childhood and the defenses, AKA survival skills, that were created by your creative subconscious mind to protect against those wounds. This information will help you to zoom in on the specific issues and survival skills that need healing so you can live a happier, more enriching life.

Simply complete the following questionnaire and email it to support@serenitycreationsonline.com - In just a few days you will receive back from us a chart and written summary of areas of woundedness. We will also outline a description of the subconscious defense mechanisms that were formed to protect against those emotional wounds.

You may also want to sign-up for a free 20 minute telephone consultation to get our recommendations on what to do about these issues and defense mechanisms.

Download the Microsoft Excel Document
Abandonment Profile
The Above Spreadsheet Requires Microsoft Excel
  • Click on the Excel spreadsheet above
  • Download and Save the Spreadsheet
  • Open the Spreadsheet and save it frequently as you fill it out.
  • Complete all 18 pages by filling in the best answers in column C
  • Save and Email the document to support@serenitycreationsonline.com

If you do not have Microsoft Excel, below is a .PDF file you can download and print out to fill in your scores. You will need to tally up the raw scores for each of the 18 pages on your own and scan them back into your computer in order to email them to us. Or you can send them to the address below the following document.

Download and Print the Adobe Acrobat PDF
Abandonment Profile
The Above Document Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Click on the PDF document above
  • Save the PDF document and/or just print it out
  • Complete all 18 pages by filling in the best answers in column C
  • Add up the scores on each page and put the total in column C on the last line
  • Scan and Email the document to support@serenitycreationsonline.com or send it to the address below:
    • Carter Counseling and Consulting Services
    • 83 South Larand Dr
    • Holts Summit, MO 65043
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