Abandonment FL

by Renee'

My four siblings and I were abandoned by our mother, (we were ages 1-5 at the time) and after a year, our father. We were then separated and lived in several foster situations. We were all adopted into separate homes as the baby of the family. Our mother was murdered in Seattle a year after she left us. At age 21, I was able to contact and reunite with my siblings and father. I have a very close relationship with my father and two of my sisters.

Most of us were adopted into stable families. I was not. I grew up in a very unstable, alcoholic, abusive family.

As a result, I have had three periods of therapy/counseling in my adult life, once for about a year when I was twenty-one.

I still have abandonment & grief issues. I keep thinking some day, I will be able to overcome these issues, but I still feel held back emotionally a good part of the time.

Currently, I have an excellent job in a local library and have been married for twenty-one years to a loving, nurturing man.


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Jul 25, 2010
Inner Child Grief
by: Don

Hi Renee',

Sounds like you've been through quite a bit. You can probably relate to the saying that recovery is like peeling an onion -- when you peel off one layer you find another layer beneath it, until you reach the core issues.

I hope you continue your journey and that you find some tools here at Internet of the Mind.com.

Here is a page on Inner child grief you might find interesting:(just copy and paste the link below to your browser).


There are links to other relavant pages on this one.

Hope to hear from you again,

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