by George
(New York)

I was left by my mother at 5 years old i remember crying for ever. My Mother lied to me and we dont have a relationship. As a teenager i broke into houses took drugs alcohol and got into trouble with the police.

I have blocked my emotions from an early age and constantly lie to everyone.

I met my dream partner but have driven her away with my behaviour. We recently had a baby girl and this has made me completely go off the rails.

A few months ago my Father died suddenly.

I lost hurt angry scared and making everything worse

Please help


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Jun 27, 2012
by: Tom Neal

It doesn't matter why you are the way you are. What matters is; What are you willing to do about it? Blaming my Dad for the alcoholism and abuse doesn't fix me. I'm not responsible for my Dad's behavior or my disease, just my recovery. Me recovering the life I lost or never had, Recovery. Bitching about other people, places, times, or things, is useless. To make my life better, I have to change. And I do that by asking for help, then DOING JUST AS TOLD. To get what you've never gotten, you're going to do what you've never done. I tell people I needed additional instructions, things my parents didn't teach. If I don't learn and practice these things like honesty, open-mindedness, willingness, there are places I can go, ..prison, an institution or the grave. You might say you know what honesty or willingness is but you don't truly know until you practice it daily and selflessly as taught to you, by another MAN.

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