Abandoned by dead mom, then living dad, then finally step mom

by Amy
(North Carolina)

I'm a 34 year old African American woman that has seen a lot in life, however, it has not hindered my career...just relationships. My birthmom died when I was 3, my brother was 1, and my sister was six month. As a child, I became involved with basketball to keep from thinking about not having my mom. Then my dad re-married when I was six years old.

For ten years, they remained together just because (it wasn't love...domestic abuse was alive). At 16 years old, I had to rush my stepmom to the hospital because my dad had broken her nose in a domestic dispute.

After that, my stepmom and dad divorced and she divorced me, my brother, and sister. So...I received a basketball scholarship to college in North Carolina (I'm from Georgia) and did not look back. I distanced myself from anything that reminded me of life in Georgia.

Now that I'm working on my Ph.D, and never being married, I'm wondering if those life situations has me thinking that marriage isn't good? Or, do I not want kids because I fear abandoning them at some point?

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