Abandoned by both parents

( Warren, OH)

I was given away to strangers as a baby, and brought to my grandparents, who were loving but always too busy. And between relationships, my mother would come around only to leave again. She continues to do the same now and I'm 34. She now is not speaking to me since my husband and I got a house, and I'm not even sure why. has always been there and treated my sister great. I am so glad I found this. I have struggled my while life with this. Now, I at least have some understanding of why I am the way I am. I have to work at being affectionate to my husband, which I know I don't do a really good job of. But sadly, I have to work at it with my kids. I love them to death, but struggle to be affectionate.

I want to get help, but unfortunately have no insurance and have been laid off for over a year and a half, so there isn't money for any counseling. But at least I know a little more when the time comes that we have the money. I feel that one day, there is hope, that I won't feel so alone and unloved.

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Apr 26, 2014
Don't ever be the parent that you had
by: Anonymous

You love those children of yours no matter what baggage you had in your love!!! You create the new generation of children who have been loved and can give love. I had a brutal mother, a father who abandoned me, was in a foster home. But I also found the love of God in my life and fully extend all the love that I have, beyond myself, to my daughter. And now, at 20, she is the most healthy and beautiful soul that I know. With my background, it is hard to believe that she is related to me. Give all to your children, no matter what.

Aug 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

I will check out those meetings. I must say, finding this sight and just sharing my feelings has made a huge difference. I know it won't fix it all. But it has been a true blessing to find others with similar.situations and to be able to share. Thank you to everyone that reads this, comments or just shares. It has been a true blessing.

Aug 22, 2012
by: Don

I have a friend from Warren, Ohio. It is a good sized city isn't it? Maybe there is an Adult/Child of Alcoholics (ACA) meeting there?

You don't have to have an alcoholic to join that group. Once they got started, they found a lot of people who fit right in even though they had no alcoholism in their family.

In fact, ACA's basic text is now entitled, Adult/Children of Alcoholics and Other Dysfunctional Families! It doesn't cost anything to join so why wait? Get started on yoru recovery, even if you have to drive 30 to 60 minutes - it is worth the trip!

If you can't find an ACA meeting, try a Codependents anonymous meeting. They also deal with abandonment issues and less-than-nurturing family issues.

Take care & Blessings,

Aug 20, 2012
Warren Ohio
by: Angie Carter

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It is amazing how so much of what happened to us as children effects every relationship we have as adults. I commend you for the willingness and desire to work on yourself and try to seek solutions as the causes of your behaviors present day.

In this tough economic times it is a blessing there are resources available to us to at least education ourselves and raise our awareness about the causes and conditions of our situations. Don has many many pages on this site that can be of assistance.

Keep up posted on your progress and what areas of the website prove to be of the most help.

Good luck and happy reading!
Angie Carter

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