A Small Town Girl Finding Serenity

by Dorothy Riegel
(Jefferson City, MO USA)

I have participated in Don's weekend workshops, Adult/Child Retreat, and Serenity Cafe' groups on Saturday Mornings. All of these events have been a lifeline to me. Even though it is hard for me to express my feelings at this time I find it very helpful to contain my raging episodes of anger and hurt.

I certainly would recommend these groups/workshops/retreats to everyone. I do tell others about my experiences and have had people express interest in coming to the meetings as they have similar hurtful pasts to work through.

It is hard to say which is my "favorite" because each one is beneficial in its own way for me. I am just so happy to have this built into my life now. I feel an anchor, safety net and security within me that I have never felt before.

This is WONDERFUL!!! I cannot imagine not moving forward with this wonderful network of friends and people who share my common interest of wanting to get better and live a happy life. As time progresses I will be able to share my life story and hopefully not shock the world! I want to be free and live out my life with dignity and purpose.

I am so appreciative of Don for extending himself along with Angie whom I adore. They are the breath of fresh air that came across my path by Devine Design. I feel they are responsible for my acceleration to a higher level of growing as a person and hope for significance for a better life.

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Nov 03, 2009
Willingness and gratitude are the key!
by: Angie Carter

Thank you for the wonderful compliments Dorothy. I am glad your journey has allowed our paths to cross. Your willingness to keep going will serve you well. I get a lift and inspiration from your outpouring of gratitude. I know how it feels because I, too, am so very grateful for this thing called RECOVERY! Keep up the good work!

Nov 03, 2009
by: Dorothy

I am getting really excited about purging the old and putting on a brand new coat of arms (in a good way). I feel so empowered right now and this is like an "upper" or high on life! I have to stop and evaluate my feelings to make sure this won't go away. This is a God-thing that my footsteps were directed to this positive influence and I really can recover from a dysfunctional and un-nurturing childhood/adulthood.

I thank God and give Him praise for surrounding me with nurturing and hopeful people like Don, Angie and all the other fine folks in the groups that will bring me to the realization that I am OK and healing will begin.

I am in amazement that Don is so caring, intelligent and can look into your eyes right to your soul. I have the utmost respect for someone who has so much knowledge. You have honorably earned your Educational Degrees as well as your real life experiences to add to your repertoire.

This will be an excellent resource for me to share with others and pay forward in helping others when they are down. Usually I can open up and share easier when I am really upset. I have often wondered why I cannot share in group when things seem to be alright (even though the underlying problem is still there eating away).

I am thankful for this outlet. I yearn for complete serenity.

Nov 03, 2009
And you deserve it!
by: Don Carter

Thanks Dorothy! It's an extra special thing to have a chance to play a small part in passing on to others what I've learned in my own journey -- especially when it's someone like you. You deserve all the good things that come your way!

It will be great watching you grow and then passing it on to others yourself. In fact, you have already begun by sharing at these forums. Keep in touch!

Take Care & God Bless,

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