Okay...Sorry I'm late getting this newsletter out AGAIN. As I mentioned in the last issue of the Cafe' Newsletter, I've been very busy updating Internet-of-the-Mind.com; adding new Serenity Cafe' resources and writing my new books for the Thawing the Iceberg Series.

New Books & eBooks

The newly completed editions are "Thawing Adult/Child Syndrome", "Thawing Your Relationships", and "Thawing Childhood Abandonment Issues". You can click here to check out a snapshot of the Thawing the Iceberg Series. It is becoming very popular thanks to you!

New DVD & Video Presentations

I have also just completed several DVD presentations including "Thawing the Iceberg", "Understanding Ego-States", Parts 1,2, & 3 of "Understanding your Invented Self", and "The Meta-Map"

New Serenity Creations Webstore!

We now have the Serenity Creations Webstore at Internet of the Mind.com. There are over 70 products and many more under development at the Webstore. I have decided to carry over the Grand Opening Sale at Serenity Creations for 30 days to celebrate the biggest announcement yet...

New Recovery Oasis Membership Portal!

In two short weeks, on August 15, 2011, I will be launching the Recovery Oasis @ Internet of the Mind.com! This is a huge project that has kept me busy for the better part of a year. The Recovery Oasis is a sanctuary filled with resources for personal transformation and healing of abandonment issues, toxic relationships, addictions, and the effects of growing up in a less-than-nurturing family.

The Oasis is a membership portal for those who want or need access to the following:

1. Interactive online versions of the Thawing the Iceberg Series, including all eBooks, video presentations, Audio presentations, live webinars in a virtual learning classroom, Inner Child Gallery, and many, many more tools.

2. Various Programs, tools, and coaching services, for stress management, subconscious programming, smoking cessation, weightloss motivation & management, health & healing, assertiveness, and conflict resolution skills.

3. An entire website portal having built-in interactive forums with a Facebook-like format. Follow various groups & members, interact with other members and yours truly; and have access to live and/or recorded online workshops, webinars, and trainings specific to the program you are working on. Each of these features creating connection, accountability, support, and motivation.

There are some AMAZING technologies available on the Internet these days and my learning curve has taken a steep turn, sharply upwards over the past few months! That's all I am going to say about the Oasis for now, but stay tuned for further announcements on the features and official launch of the Recovery Oasis on August 15.

Please "Like" Internet-of-the-mind.com on Facebook!!

You may now like Internet-of-the-Mind.com on Facebook as well as make comments, ask questions, and give feedback on almost every one of the over 800 pages of the website.

Thanks for your patience and Support!

Don Carter