52yr old husband has 23yr old female "friend"

by stacey

I need an opinion...my husband and I are at an impasse. He met a woman who is 23 while on business. She is the bartender at the hotel where he stays for 2 weeks every quarter. She came from a lower income troubled home, and has taken a liking to my husband and what appears to be the great life he has. They text and call each other multiple times a day, and he hides this from me although he SWEARS that this is just a friendship and even fatherly relationship. This has been going on for 2 years. We had counseling about it once and the counselor told him it was inappropriate, and that he should stop communication with her other than to be cordial if he sees her. He AGREED, but never stopped. Now I've called him on it, and he thinks I"m being overly controlling and that I shouldn't be able to tell him who to be friends with. I'm a very successful person, and I truly am not jealous...I think it's creepy and embarrassing. This is just the short version....am I wrong? Is it normal to have a "secret" friendship where he talks to a 23 yr old about marriage and advice on raising his kids, etc??? PLEASE email me your opinion at email address deleted by moderator..THANK YOU!!!!!!

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Sep 08, 2014
I can top that story
by: Anonymous

I had to think about this. My significant other in a long term relationship went overseas to Nigeria at age 57. I had given him the contents of our home together and since he got 3 months off a year (lucky Europeans) it was doable. Then I get this email..,.. I have fallen in love with a 22 yearNigerian singer and dancer( aka. GOLDDIGGER) . It was unbelievable until I found out how commonly these Nigerian women went for white guys older than their father. Then he takes her to a fertility clinic to Seal the inheritance deal giving her a mixed baby at the age of 60! I want to write a story of the whole ordeal. This black woman is his kids age, he is over the top with mid life crisis.... I just don't get it. I never got the closure, the face to face, and have lived with all of her drama trying to be some famous superstar!!! ( which she is not... Doesn't even know how to play a musical instrument). What she says is like a child.... Oh such wisdom we gain over the years. What is a fertility clinic going this stuff for. There are so many orphaned Nigerians that need a home. Could someone please enlighten me on why he would do this? Was his small brain between his legs doing it or was he brainwashed!

Jul 29, 2014
He's trying to get caught
by: Anonymous

He's involved with her. It's called "midlife crisis". Get him in marraige counseling.

Jul 12, 2014
gimm a break
by: girlinredjacket

I always like to give people the benefit of doubt.
I had an idea, go into the closet and take out the shoes he wears while he is away. Get your every day" shoes.
Ask him would he put his feet in your shoes? And if you may wear his and how long can you wear his shoes?
Then you can ask what it feels like being in your shoes/
If he shows any signs of discomfort, if he can not play out this "game" without any kind of criticism. That will answer all your questions.
Good luck

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