44 year old daughter addicted to Gambling

My youngest daughter is 44 married twice with two grown children with previous marriage and 3 children, 17, 16, and 10 years old in this marriage.

Her house payment is 4 months in arrears, electric payment and telephone payments,the same. The children barely have enough to eat.

Yet between her and her husband they make approximately enough to support their family and pay bills.

He has a habit and doesn't work full weeks and she gambles a portion of her pay almost every week.

I have her work one day a week for me but I am told she gambles that away every week. I have given her extra money, bought groceries for her family, paid electric bills, car insurance bills, etc but as I am now getting older and near full retirement I can not keep up the pace. She has began having outbreaks and fits of anger and yelling, the last time she was here.

She frequents the Mohegan Sun and the Casino in or near Harrisburg, PA.
How can I spot being an enabler how can I help her?

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Jul 22, 2015
Stop Helping Them Out
by: Anonymous

Per subject line you must stop helping them out with your money. If that doesn't work they will lose custody of kids which certainly should turn them around. If not, rock bottom only way. Just don't give money anymore.

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