38 year old brother still lives with my parents and now his girlfriend.

by Hurt daughter

I have a 38 year old brother who has never moved out of my parents house and now his 28 year old girlfriend loves there. I love my mom and dad very much but they are just enabling him.

If my sister and I show any kind of concern all they say is "we helped all of you". The only difference is we no longer live there. Now there is family conflict because my sister and I see that their priorities are not where they should be ( like buying tickets to concerts especially when his girlfriend isn't working) Bringing this and many other things to my moms attention has caused conflict because she went and told them what we were saying instead of handling it differently.

We were giving her a "heads up" like "hey just so you know this is what they're planning on doing". We will ask my mom and dad things like "why do you still pay for his cell phone?" And have you asked him how much he makes after child support is taken out of his paycheck? It's gotten to the point where they are defending him 100% and my sister and I are the problem. I would like to go to my parents house and visit them without my brother and his unemployed girlfriend living there.

It's uncomfortable!! I feel like I'm walking into his house. Anyway there was a big family argument and now it feels like our relationship with my parents is not the same anymore. He constantly makes excuses like child support. But you know what my husband and I have 7 kids together and he had to pay $500 a month in child support and guess what we live in our own home never been on govt assistance

I think the more they make it comfortable for him he'll never leave. Why would he want to?. He has everything he wants and needs. A roof over his head a cell phone he don't pay for all the food he can eat a warm bed to sleep in no responsibility for anything not even himself. It just really sucks that they think of my sister and I as the ones who caused all the conflict.

And pretty much say "it's our choice to stay away" When I don't want to stay away. They've made it uncomfortable by defending them and basically saying "we put our nose where it don't belong" and brother and girlfriend play the victims, sit back and watch us get shut out.

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Jan 13, 2017
my 38 year old sister need to be rebuked
by: Mr. fruez

don't feel bad i am shut out of my parents home too after i went through a bad separation my sister came back home to my mothers house to block me from coming home just to visit/or stay temporarily knowing i probably needed some support too.

she didn't care acting jealous of mother and I because i'm married she has always been jealous of my wife and I because she never was married before never found a husband to call her own
she bullies and Bogart my elderly mother
and probably has threatened her life before.

who knows, my mother acts afraid of her she has tendencies to be violent i use to live there. I've witness her trying to break out of a room while my moms trapped her inside because she wanted to attack me. she is a hot head and she thinks she is so smart i really don't like her anymore because i feel she is being used by the devil so i cannot connect with my mom.

my mom says she is trying to help her because she do not want to see her on the street corner like a prostitute but in actuality she is enabling my mother to act stupid toward me.
and vice versa .

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