30 Year old child

by David Cplemn
(Charleston WV)

I have a girl friend that I have lived with for 9 years. She lives in my house and has a good job in the medical field. Her son lives with her girl friend that is a nurse. At this time it is about a 1 1/2 hour drive from the house. They both have a drug problem. The reason she keeps him is for the drug contacts. When they come to town about once a week it is like drama city. He has to have money or rides to here or there some place to stay. He won't take no for a answer has no respect for her, her job, the law or any one else. The only thing that maters is he gets what he demands. He has stolen from me and her. He comes to her office and she has almost lost her job so she gives into him to save her job so she won't get fired. She has talked about leaving me and moving out of state to get away from him but she is afraid of him finding her. Then she has also thought of moving out and taking him with her but she knows this will ruin her. I have banned him from spending the night here after he robed us and this is causing a lot of friction. What Now?

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