24 yr Hits Mom

All I have done in my life is try to make other people happy. My son since he turned a teenager has hated me. I stood by my rules. His has very little contact with is real DAD. His stepdad, that he called DAD died 2 years ago. My son has been living with me, and I have always kept quiet over things that should have been addressed to keep peace.

My son started going back at me when he was 15 yrs old in my face and will tell me he will kill me, and will hit me. It has been quit awhile since that behavior, but it happened again. I kicked him out of my home. I am so sick to my stomach. What is my next step. I do not want him to come back home but I do want a relationship with him. How do I do this now? Any advice, please

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Dec 17, 2010
Totally Unacceptable !!
by: Anonymous

You did the right thing by having him leave your home. Our homes are supposed to be our havens, and if you're not happy at home, you have to take steps to make it that way.

Your son doesn't hate you, he hates himself. He probably has such low self esteem that he takes his frustrations out on you. You, on the other hand have not deserved this treatment. He will realize what he's done and how he has always behaved around you, and one day he will see the light. When he does, he will take steps to change his life. Kudos to you for respecting yourself, because if you don't, nobody else will !!

Jul 23, 2010
You can only do so much
by: Anonymous

Hi, Sorry to hear about your situation but I think you have done the right thing by not tolerating certain behaviors.

I am a strong believer that "we teach people how to treat us" by what we tolerate. It is for his good as well as yours that you DO NOT tolerate any form of abuse.

He will have to make his own choices. Maybe he will get a belly full of his own pain to the point that he decides to take care of HIS problem.

Hope to hear more from you as life unfolds!


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