23yo daughter and her boyfriend not stable for my 2yo grandson, I believe they are using

by Stephanie

this is been one of the most difficult things I have ever experienced after reading so much on codependency and enabling I am the epitome of both but what do I do when it comes to my grand son. I have failed both of them out of so much over the last 5 years and it is affected my health as a single mother. they have both yelled and screamed and called horrible names to me that I would not forgive from anyone on this planet but I have with them. I keep forking out money that I don't even have just so I can make their lives easier but I realized to the point where they do nothing bbut my grandson I am so worried about his safety and what he's experiencing as they yell and scream and have horrible fights in front of him. the last argument we had in front of him broke my heart and my daughter told me I would never see my grandson again and I have chosen to back off just so he doesn't see his Gammy as a part of the horrible situation

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