18 year old wanting 16 year old girlfriend to move in with us

I have a son that just turned 18. He has been dating this 16 year old girl for 9 months. I am relocating to another city and he wants her to move in with me and my mother. He is the type of kid that has always been afraid to be alone. I dont want her to move in with us even though social services says that if I get her mothers permission with a partial power of attorney it is legal. I don't want either one of them to hurt themselves if I say no, but I feel they are both unstable and too young to be together right now. I have told him that I could help her get her GED (she dropped out of school) and that she would not be in the same room with him and would have a curfew for bed just as my other younger children do, but I know this is too much stress on the whole family.How do I put this to him without making him want to hurt himself. He has done drugs in the past and I am afraid he will relapse or do worse. And the same goes for his girlfriend. She is controlling but she is just a kid too and she is already looking foward to coming.

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