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Hi everyone, it's nice to find a place to share my story of recovery that is only just beginning... Thanks for letting me share... My story can be told like this...Always a late bloomer, instead of partying it up when I was 21 and young, I learned to love alcohol in my 30's & 40's. It was actually a church raffle where I won of a basket of booze and a long, hot summer of renovating my house that started this passion for the stuff, but that's an entirely different bag of issues...Up until 15 days ago the best sight in my refrigerator was that stack of blue cans of Bud Lite. And just because it was light, seems my own mind thought I could drink one can after another, and more when there was actually stress ! But for the past few years, as me and my husband were enjoying this constant beer party (seriously, we both knew the signal of an empty beer can hitting the table was time for the next, we also learned I drink MUCH faster and sometimes don't stop), I kept going through these roller coasters of shame and intense anger while my husband poured hundreds and thousands of dollars into our nighttime parties with bud.

15 days ago everything changed for both of us. I came down with the norovirus and for the first time in my life my appetite was just Gone. Those six or so days forced us to change our daily routines while I sipped water by the tablespoon. Always keeping in stride with me, my husband used this abstinence as a reason to also take a serious look at our habits and that last case lasted for 6 days. 6 DAYS!!!! That's a first...

Well, all I can say is life is different now...first of all I'm 44, my husband is 41 (no kids) and we both know time is precious and our potential can be spent in better ways (sorry still no kids, I'm not that mature yet). What we didn't know is that when I got sick, we grew up. Our priorities changed, our future was looking more obtainable while money started adding up instantly.

Tea became our drink. Actually steeping ginger became mine, but same thing. Not one desire has crossed my mind to drink anything that has alcohol in it for 15 days and I have no desire to go back there.

My husband is on day 9 and I am proud and impressed. He, unlike me, has a longer history with an appreciation for liquor that has a family history to it. His mind worked toward it and so did his paycheck. Going hand in hand with his passion for pleasing his wife, now (like just now) he asks what he can bring home from the store... Over two weeks ago that would have been the queue to take a beer count, today we both agreed the list is lemon and honey and a little organic parsley to steep, Ok, did we mature right into retirement? Maybe. We are saving now for that retirement home. And that's my story... minus all the drunk details and lack of ambitions... Life begins again.

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May 22, 2014
Way to go!!
by: Don Carter


Welcome to recovery and way to go on the 15 days! You are on a new journey and one that will pay off in a HUGE way if you stick with it.

My wife and I are both in long-term recovery and our marriage is alive and well because of it. I think you may find out just how much your life centered around alcohol and may discover your partner all over again in a wonderful way.

Don't get me wrong - it can be very tough from time to time. But pouring alcohol on it is not going to make it easier! Your recovery can get you through the hard times and make the good times last lots longer!

Keep it up and let us know how it's going!


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