Whalesong Meditation - Deeper Purple Haze

This whalesong meditation is available as a meditation movie; as an audio with music, isotronic brainwave beats and nature sounds; or as an audio with isotronic brainwave beats and nature sounds only. The session contains isotronic beats which ramp down to 8.4 Hz, stimulating low Alpha brainwave activity. Headphones are recommeded especially in lieu of good speakers or a quiet listening environment.

This session is meant to put the listener into an alpha level state without inducing sleep while maintaining a level of consciousness that will allow for the use of visualizations, affirmations and other auto-suggestions (affirmations repeated to one's self, mentally.)

Listen in a comfortable position with eyes open & staring at the images or just allow the eyes to close if they want to. Headphones and/or good speakers will enhance the effects.

(Do not listen for extended periods if you are using medications, are pregnant, or have a history of seizures unless you check with your doctor first)

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Whalesong Meditation with Music

This version of Deeper Purple Haze meditation includes music. Some people respond better to the addition of music mixed into a brainwave entrainment audio. Give it a try and see how it fits for you.

Deeper Purple Haze (No Music)

This version of Deeper Purple Haze Whalesong does not include music. Some people respond better a the minimalist approach - isotronic beats with a carrier sound like rain or other nature sound. Give it a try and see how it fits for you.

Deeper Purple Haze Mediation Movie

This version of Deeper Purple Haze is what I call a Meditation Movie and it includes whalesong mediation music as well as the visual effects of rain falling down. Some people prefer to keep their eyes open when they go into a meditative trance. Give it a try and see how it fits for you.

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