Weightloss Motivation & Self Hypnosis Programs

Weightloss Motivation & Self Hypnosis programs from the Serenity Cafe' are very useful in learning self hypnosis rapidly on your own. The brain learns very quickly, especially if it likes the effects of the activity it is learning.

Beat Stress with the Healthy Living Series

Guided Imagery Downloads

Download the Entire Set: Each of the weightloss motivation programs below consist of background music, a 5 to 8 minute "pre-talk" followed by a 15 to 20 minute hypnotic relaxation exercise designed to help the listener to induce a deep state of relaxation while offering the listener mental programming imagery and affirmations appropriate to the topic at hand -- right at the point were the subconscious mind becomes most open and receptive.

Weightloss Motivation Programs

The brain also adjusts to the evironment it is exposed to. Take a moment to think about your self-talk and habits of thought -- what inner environment have you been exposing your mind too lately?

By downloading these MP3 files you can listen on your your MP3 Player and other mobile devices without having to stream from the internet. You will also be able to use your earbuds or headphones. Use them while you workout and to help you get to sleep at night! To preview any of the Healthy Living sessions, just click on the links and images below.

Exposing your mind to rest, comfort, peace, and healthy inner dialogue on a daily basis can be a life-changing experience. And we all know that experience gives birth to beliefs! Give you mind and body a chance to experience the truth about weight management and the success of reaching healthy goals. With new beliefs from new experiences of success comes new motivation.

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Healthy Living Weightloss Motivation:
This session helps people who want to maintain or are for the first time really determined to achieve their goals for healthy living. The pre-talk explains how motivation may wax and wain according to progress made toward your goals. The hypnosis and imagery portion of the audio are designed to pump up the motivation to its original level and keep you on track.

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Slim Thinking
weightloss motivation builder helps you enjoy your food more because YOU make the decisions - not the addictive drive to eat. You may sometimes feel overwhelmed with the desire to eat, knowing you'll feel guilty and bloated later but right now the food is all that matters. Naturally slim people don't think like that.

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Your Goal Image
-- The more strongly you envision anything in life before attempting it, the more likely you are to increase your weightloss motivation. So many people try to become slimmer and find a better shape but they have no game plan. This session will help you program your brain with the blueprint for the future ideal you which instantly triggers weightloss motivation.

Preview the Transform Comfort Eating MP3
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Transform Comfort Eating
helps you relax without piling on the pounds. Comfort eating is one of the quickest ways to increase your weight and despite your best intentions, when the time comes, somehow your weightloss motivation slips away. You'll spot those old comfort eating triggers and choose to relax naturally instead.

Preview the Transform Boredom Eating MP3
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Transform Boredom Eating session
-- Maybe the day is dragging at work or starts to feel routine. Maybe you just feel generally under stimulated and eating acts like a fix? Boredom eating and the weight will naturally evaporate as you become able to identify boredom times and solve the weightloss motivation problem more creatively.

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