Thawing the Iceberg™

Introducing Thawing the Iceberg™ - A powerful new program for healing the original pain of abandonment, shame, and contempt that comes from growing up in a less-than-nurturing family.

Introducing...Thawing the Iceberg™
A Healing Experience for Abandonment Issues

Thawing the Iceberg™ picks up where THAW - Freedom from Frozen Feelings leaves off… THAW outlines the wounding process experienced by those who were raised in a less-than-nurturing family; how those emotional wounds show up in various personal and interpersonal problems in adulthood; and an integrated model of addiction, codependency, and Adult/Child Syndrome.

Thawing the Iceberg™ answers the question, "Ok, now what do I do about it?"

Since the wounds of unmet childhood needs are emotional in nature, recovery from these wounds require a healing process that is emotional in nature. That's why Thawing the Iceberg™ is designed with an insight-oriented (intellectual) component as well as an experiential (emotional) component.

The insight-oriented component is facilitated through the use of two highly structured workbooks outlining Part One and Part Two of the program. The emotional component is facilitated through a total of 58 audio programs recorded in MP3 format. The audios are designed to help release blocked emotions, resolve grief & loss issues, and connect to positive emotions to assist in the healing process.

The audios are available on 25 Compact Disc's in a zippered case, a 2 gigabyte flash-drive, or on a 2 gigabyte SD Card. Coaching services are also available at a discounted package rate as you work through the program.(See Below)

Thawing the Iceberg™ Part One

Part One consists of a condensed version of the Iceberg Model for review, followed by questions and journaling exercises designed to help connect the model with the participant's unique situation and experience. The focus of Part One is "Getting to know your False-Self, Invented-Self, and True-Self" so as to prepare the way for Part Two.

Free EBook!
Click here for a FREE DOWNLOAD of Thawing the Iceberg™ - Part One

Click the link above to download your complimentary copy of Thawing the Iceberg™ - Part One. This book will help you identify how the Iceberg Model fits with your unique situation. When you order Thawing the Iceberg™ you will still get a printed version of Part One. In the meantime, use this complimentary digital copy to explore the program and decide if it makes sense for you.

Thawing the Iceberg™ Part Two

Part Two consists of a unique healing process designed specifically to follow the same developmental stages as occurred in the wounding process...

During the wounding process... the pain that accumulated during the first stage of development was carried forward as a foundation for the work of the second stage... then the combined pain from the first and second stages are carried forward as a foundation for the experience of the third stage, etc.

In Thawing the Iceberg™... the healing that accumulates as you work through the first stage is carried forward as a foundation for healing the second stage... then the combined healing from the first and second stages are carried forward as a foundation for healing the third stage, etc.

An outline of the healing process in Part Two is provided by clicking on the link below. Notice the "Audio Alerts" interspersed in the outline; these alert the participant to stop the writing, sit back, and prepare for an audio experience that will add a whole new dimension to the process. Each of the audios run between twelve and twenty-five minutes. I personally wrote, produced and recorded each audio specifically for this program.

Click here for Table of Contents of Thawing the Iceberg™ - Part Two

Notice in the outline how the work in each section follows the same ten procedures… The process is the same from one section to the next, but the content is different because the developmental themes, tasks, and issues of each stage are different.

Purchasing Information:

Now Available: For anyone who purchases Thawing the Iceberg™ Program I am now providing free telephone support -- You may arrange a total of three 20 to 30 minute telephone consultations (limit: once per month). You may also purchase additional coaching sessions as needed. For answers to questions about telephone Coaching Services email me or call (573) 634-2254 to arrange a free 30 minute telephone consultation to discuss the options.

There are three ways to order the Thawing the Iceberg™ program:

Because of the amount and accumulated size of MP3 files (over ONE Gigabyte), it is unrealistic to offer the program for download. Therefore, Thawing the Iceberg™ is available for direct shipping only.

Option One: Order Thawing the Iceberg™ and get the 58 audio MP3's on 25 Compact Discs.

Your CD's will arrive in a zippered CD case for safe storage. Due to the materials and extra costs involved in producing and shipping CD's there is an additional charge of $50 USD. You can also "rip" the CD's to your computer if you later decide to put them on an MP3 player or IPod.

$195.00 USD (Plus Shipping)

Option Two: Order Thawing the Iceberg™ and get the 58 audio MP3's on a 2 gigabyte flash-drive.(The books are in print version.)

A flash-drive, also known as a thumb-drive, is a very handy and economical way to store, protect, and use your new audios. Due to the lower cost in time, materials, and money in production and shipping, I can keep the prices down and pass on the savings to you.

$145.00 USD (Plus Shipping)

Option Three: Order Thawing the Iceberg™ and get the 58 audio MP3's on a 2 gigabyte SD card. (The books are in print version.)

An SD card is equally handy and economical way to store, protect, and use your new audios. An SD card can be used in many devices including hand-held PDA's, newer desktop and newer laptop computers.

$145.00 USD (Plus Shipping)

(Be sure to check your device for an SD slot.)

NOTE: I have researched the Internet and found that comparable audios sell for an average of $18 each... That would put the value of this program somewhere around $700 to $800 (just for the audios!). Check it out and let me know if your research shows something different.

This information is not a substitute for professional evaluation and/or treatment. Reading the information contained here may trigger strong emotional reactions. If you have an emergency, call 911, other local emergency contact, your local emergency room, or law enforcement agency.