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The hypnotic features throughout the Serenity Series MP3 collection encourages the brain to go into deeply relaxed alpha states and dreamy REM theta states (Rapid Eye Movement). In other words -- various levels of the "twilight" states between wakefulness and deep sleep.

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Added Benefits: Besides much needed healthy rest and relaxation, the programs also make use of metaphors to encourage the subconscious mind to access and activate internal resources that have been there all along -- creativity, self-confidence, happy memories, energy, and pleasant emotional states such as joy to name a few. So, take a moment to think of the inner resources with which you'd like to connect before listening. (Use them to reprogram the subconscious mind - click the image below to learn more)

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Actual Running time 25-35 Minutes Each

  • New eCourse: How to Use Guided Imagery for self-hypnosis and reprogramming your subconscious mind. Learn tips for reprogramming, the Art of Visualization, How to use Audios for reprogramming, and How to create and use Powerful Affirmations. Plus you get all five Guided Imagery tracks to practice your new skills (30 minutes each.)

    Stormy Weather Meditation Download Majestic Meadow: Take a walk with your Higher Power through a beautiful mountain meadow, clear out limiting thoughts and negativity, achieve a deep state of relaxation, visit the metaphorical garden of your thoughts and watch it transform. The Meadow has been a favorite of many people who want to make changes in their thinking & attitudes.

    Stormy Weather Meditation Download Tranquility Falls: Walk through a lush, green forest enjoying the sounds and beauty of nature as you walk along a beautiful woodland trail with your Higher Power. Rest by the pool at Tranquility Falls before you fully experience its deep cleansing properties as it washes away stress along with old hurts & regrets from the past.

    Stormy Weather Meditation Download Serenity Island offers the listener a mini-vacation to an enchanting tropical island. Stroll down a grassy slope, through a lush tropical forest, emerging onto a beautiful white sandy beach in this Serenity Series MP3. Take a relaxing, sensory-rich walk along the beach, to a comfortable place where you can fall into a state of serenity as you release all worries, anxieties, & fears.

    Stormy Weather Meditation Download Forest of Dreams is a guided-imagery session that uses brainwave rhythms, soothing music, forest imagery, and a hypnotic experience to rekindle a whole range of positive experiences, happy memories, and proud moments. Like switching gears, this counteracts a tendency to get stuck in negative thinking linked to bad memories.

    Stormy Weather Meditation Download Peaceful Pond is based upon Milton Erickson's philosophy that we have within all the resources we need and that metaphor is the language of the subconscious mind: Discover the deep and Peaceful Pond of your subconscious mind, where you can add needed resources by dropping in the metaphorical stone of serenity and any other stones. Watch them drift into the deepest, most active parts of your mind.

    By downloading these MP3 files you can listen on your your MP3 Player and other mobile devices without having to stream from the internet. You will also be able to use your earbuds or headphones. Use them when you need to relax and to help you get to sleep at night! To preview any of the Serenity Series MP3 titles by Don Carter, just click on the orange button on any of the above players.

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