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Self-hypnosis is a powerful way to utilize the subconscious mechanisms of programming itself -- Intensity & Repitition. These two mechanisms are the primary processes the brain uses to "learn" something new -- In other words, it's how the brain encodes its own neural networks with new abilities, experience, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, etc.

There are several ways to learn self-hypnosis.

  • Buy books or visit various hypnosis website
  • Engage a professional life coach or hypnotherapist to teach you various self-hypnosis techniques
  • Simply to listen to self-hypnosis CDs on a regular basis. Each time you do it gets easier and easier.
All three options are viable methods for enhancing your natural abilities to "get into the zone" otherwise known as "going into a trance".

Catalog of Self Hypnosis CDs

NOTE: Many of the following self hypnosis CDs have various Brainwave Rhythms in the background to help guide the brain into a deeply relaxed and receptive state. Isotronic, Monaural, and Binaural beats delivered in certain patterns and rhythms encourages the brain to produce various levels of brainwave activity -- primarily Beta (Alert), Alpha (Moderately Relaxed), and Theta brainwaves (Deep Relaxation and REM Sleep). Click Here to learn more

NOTE: These programs are intended as tools to support recovery; not as a stand alone treatment. Please seek professional evaluation and treatment as well if you have not already done so.

Preveiw Fear of Abandonment

Self hypnosis CDs : Fear of Abandonment combines brainwave rhythms, relaxing music, an educational pre-talk for the conscious mind followed by an hypnosis session designed for the subconscious mind. Many people who grew up in less-than-nurturing homes suffer from the panic and hypervigilance associated with abandonment issues. Length: 36 minutes

Listen to the Inner Family

Self hypnosis CDs : Psychological Positions & the Inner Family utilizes brainwave rhythms, relaxing music, hypnosis, and an educational pre-talk about the concepts of ego-states. These ego-states are imprinted on our brain from childhood and can be triggered in our adult lives and relationships causing turmoil and conflict. Length: 36 minutes

Preveiw Resolving Self Sabotage

Self hypnosis CDs : Resolving Self Sabotage combines hypnosis, relaxing background music, brainwave rhythms, and an educational pre-talk to help the listener STOP self-sabotage. Inner conflicts between conscious and subconscious parts of self are usually at the root of many issues involving self-sabotage. Length: 42 minutes

Preveiw Alco-Poison

Self hypnosis CDs : The Alco-Poison session provides the unconscious mind with metaphorical evidence that alcohol is like poison to the person who has alcoholism. It is crucial that the listener be aware that alcohol is a problem for them AND motivated to stay sober in order to benefit from this program. Length 40 minutes.

Preveiw Walking Away from Porn

Self hypnosis CDs : Walking Away from Porn is designed to help the motivated listener do just that - walk away by allowing you to break the negative self-hypnotic trance associated with this addiction. The session combines relaxing music and hypnotic language to induce a moderate to deep level of trance & offering suggestions to the SCM. Length: 33 minutes

Preveiw True Self

Self hypnosis CDs : True Self is a mindfulness exercise that teaches the skill of staying centered and open to the experience of here-and-now. This skill is especially useful with issues involving anxiety & panic attacks. With practice, the listener can experience the old trigger while staying in a centered state. Length: 30 Minutes

Preveiw to Hot Flashes

Self hypnosis CDs : Hot Flashes combines brainwave rhythms, relaxing background music, and a hypnosis session designed to reduce and, in some cases, eliminate hot flashes. Listening before, during, or after experiencing a hot flash does not make a difference. It is suggested to listen at least three times a week at first. Length: 30 minutes

Preveiw Morning Sickness

Self hypnosis CDs : The Morning Sickness session combines brainwave rhythms, relaxing music and hypnotic language to alleviate symptoms of morning sickness. Affirmations and visualizations are a central part of the session. I've been told that the Morning Sickness session helps even when everything else fails. Length: 47 minutes

Preveiw Freedom To Flow

Self hypnosis CDs : Freedom to Flow is for those who have issues with "shy bladder" which is experienced by many people, male and female, and includes difficulty urinating in a public restroom. This can induce shame, embarrassment, and even physical pain. The session combines brainwave rhythms, a pre-talk, relaxing music, and hypnotic language. Length: 34 minutes

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