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Welcome to the Serenity Cafe Lifetime Members Login Page! As you can see below, we are moving to the new Serenity Cafe Premium Membership site. In the meantime, you still have time to sign-up for the LIFETIME, one-time-fee membership. But once the move is comeplete (by the end of January) that chance with be gone. After registration, you get access to the member content immediately!

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We are going to continue taking Lifetime Members for a single payment of $127 right up until the move to the new membership is complete. And just like those who are already Lifetime members, after the one-time payment you will never pay for anything we post to the Serenity Cafe Membership site. That would be over 95% of everything Don creates past, present, and future with the exception of physical products like print books, DVDs, and Compact Discs. (Even with those you will get a huge discount as a Lifetime or Premium Member!)

New Lifetime Members Can Request Printed Copies of the Books and Pay only For Shipping

Serenity Cafe Lifetime Members already get access to the entire Thawing the Iceberg Series: Instantly download all the ebooks, audios, videos, with everything you see below (and way MORE than we can list here!) with new downloads every month or so.

And NOW: All new Serenity Cafe Lifetime Members can request all four PRINTED VERSIONS of the books - You pay shipping costs only! (After sign up, send us an email requesting your copies.)

What Will Be Inside Your Serenity Cafe Membership? Below is a Small Sample...

Thaw - Freedom from Frozen Feelings Thawing AdultChild Syndrome Thawing Childhood Abandonment Issues Thawing Toxic Relationships Thawing Childhood Abandonment Issues Audios Meditation Music Collection (Download) Paradise Found - Ambient Music Cafe Natural Rhythms - Ambient Music Cafe Celestial Ambience - Ambient Music Cafe AmbientWaves - Ambient Music Cafe Serenity Series MP3 (Downloads) Subliminal Affirmation Collection BrainWave Rhythms, Vol 2 (Download) BrainWave Rhythms, Volume I Meditations for the Inner Child Rise & Shine Hypnosis MP3 Collection (Downloads) The Chill Series (Downloads) Instant Relaxation Collection EzyEnergy & Motivation (Downloads) EzyWalk Program Dealing with Difficult People
Bonus: Get Access to all Current and Future Ecourses As a Lifetime Member!

MP3 Downloads

Plus as a Lifetime Member you get all of the eCourses in our new Serenity Cafe Academy!

Remember that there will be more of everything being added over the coming months and years! And YOU will never have to pay for it again... Others who sign up after the move is complete will have to pay a monthly or annual fee -- and are happy to do so because it is well WORTH it! One therapy session can cost as much as all of this and there are enough therapy tools here that it would take years to go through all of it in a session by session format.

    Quick Review: Here's just some of what you get:
  • All of the eCourses in our Serenity Cafe Academy
  • Thawing the Iceberg Series (all 4 eBooks Versions in Kindle & PDF)
  • All Current & Future Membership Sites
  • Everything in our Serenity Creations eStores & Websites
  • All Current and Future eCourses and Online Presentations
  • All Current & Future MP3 Audios and MP4 Video Collections
  • AmbientWaves MP3 Audio and MP4 Video Collection
  • Natural Rhythms MP3 Audio and MP4 Video Collection
  • Celestial Ambience MP3 Audio and MP4 Video Collection
  • Paradise Found MP3 Audio and MP4 Video Collection
  • Meditation Music MP3 Audio Collection
  • Guided Imagery MP3 Audio Collection
  • Brainwave Entrainment MP3 Audio Collection
  • Adult/Child Hypnosis MP3 Audio Collection
  • Various Self-Hypnosis MP3 Audios
  • Assertiveness MP3 Audio Collection
  • Various Health & Healing Audio Programs
  • Weight loss Motivation MP3 Audio Collection
  • EzyWalk and EzyEnergy MP3 Audio Collection
  • Schedule 1:1 & Group Email or Chat Coaching Sessions
  • Relaxation Techniques MP3 Audio Collection
  • Mind Movies with Hypnotic Motion Backgrounds
  • All Current & Future MP4 Video Collections
  • Download Packages for Self Esteem, Confidence, and Other Issues
  • Personal Development Programs & Software Applications
  • This is Just the "Tip of the Iceberg" ~ More Added Frequently!

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